Teachers' Training Program

Teachers' Training Program [TTP]
An Overview

Teaching non-Arabic speaking sisters requires techniques totally different than those used when teaching sisters who have original Arabic tongue. 

Marjan Teachers' Training Program - TTP - aims at providing coaching and training for sisters wanting to become professional teachers of Tajweed & Quran, teaching non-Arabic speaking Muslim sisters of all levels.

The program covers techniques and approaches of teaching students of different ages and learning the common mistakes and ways to correct them.


With the Grace of Allah, the TTP program was offered LIVE ONSITE in the following countries:
Egypt | India | Malaysia | Qatar | Sweden | Tanzania | United Kingdom

  • Duration

    • Program duration varies depending on number of attendees and the differences in their levels.
    • The program runs for around 140 to 167 hours, distributed over many courses of different levels as explained in the program outline.
    • Duration of each level ranges from 8 to 25 hours (excluding Ijazah in Quran

  • Outline

    • Module I. Tajweed:
      1. Marhaba – a foundation course.
      2. Spelling Techniques.
      3. Tajweed levels 1-7
    • Module II. Holder of the Musk - Teaching Skills
      1. About the Teacher
      2. About the Students
      3. About the Class
      4. About the Material

  • Format

    The program is mainly divided into:

    • Lecture based: Theoretical Content
    • Practical workshops: Practice and Presentations
  • Who Should Attend

    All sisters who suffice the pre-requisites and have plans to become teachers of Tajweed and Quran.

    This program requires a minimum knowledge of basic rules of tajweed, and preferably some teaching background.