Story Behind the Name Marjan

Another Inspiration from the Quran

We had students from around the world, with different tongues. With each language having its own uniqueness, and associated challenges of teaching Quran,  we've really witnessed the miracle of the Quran. The advancement in the recitation of the students was just impressive.

Each and every student developing a profound bond with the Quran. And seeing a great effect on their lives, it was like a demonstration of the Ayah:  "يَخْرُجُ مِنْهُمَا اللُّؤْلُؤُ وَالْمَرْجَانُ" "From them emerge pearls and coral."

Since we are all different, so each one of us has been touched differently by the Quran and it lead us to different paths. Yet, all is pretty and beneficial just like the lovely ornaments of اللؤلؤ والمـرجان