I am a new student, do I have to join Etiquettes course?
Yes. It is a pre-requisite for joining ANY course at Marjan Programs.
How can I join Etiquettes course? Do I need to fill in a form?
No need to fill a form. The link to the sessions will be posted in the group and you can just use it to attend the course
Can I attend any course at Marjan Programs?
Marjan Programs have different courses and each is designed for a certain level of students ranging from fresh beginnerrs to advanced level
Is there a recording of the general session if I miss it?
No. Recordings are NOT available since we believe in the essence of the live interaction between students and teachers.
The class schedules is given in which time zone?
ALL scheduled courses/lectures at Marjan are given in Makkah time (Our unified Qibla). Each student is kindly requested to convert the time according to her local time zone.
How much is the fees for the courses at Marjan?
All courses are a gift from the teachers and the team. We all love to share our knowledge, skills and efforts with our Muslim sisters.
Courses which have general sessions and practice sessions, Can I attend the general explanation sessions only?
زادكم الله حرصًا
Each program is usually designed as one thing altogether and in order for us to keep proper track of students and attendance and do proper follow up, it will be very difficult to have students joining the general sessions only. So, Jazakom Allah Khairan for understanding that it is NOT permitted.
Can we share the material -if any- we receive during the course?
No. Please do not share the material.
I want to join Hifz of Baqrah but I may miss some classes while I will be on vacation in summer. Should I register?
The max absences allowed in Sanaam program is only 12 sessions.
Can we join Sanaam program if we have memorized before?
You may apply, but priority will be given for sisters who haven’t done memorization before. If there will be still available seats, in-shaa-Allah you will be welcomed to join then.
Do we get a certificate at the end of the Sanaam program?
No. There will not be any certificates.
How to know that I am eligible to join Sanaam program?
If you are already a student at Marjan, then we know your level. If you are new on board, then you will be sitting for an assessment.
Can I temporarily book a seat in the Sanaam program until I see if I can manage or not?
It is highly appreciated if you refrain from that as we are offering limited number of groups.
How do I receive updates on Sanaam?
Before the screening of students is done, ALL updates will be through the telegram channel. After students are assigned to the program, then special groups on WhatsApp/Telegram will be created and you will be notified by the admins.
When and how to register for Sanaam?
Registration Forms will be available AFTER completing Etiquettes of Seeking Knowledge Course. Links to the online Forms will be posted in the group.
When is the registration for Sanaam?
Registration will start on: 25th Nov and closes on 3rd Dec
What is Maqraa course?
Maqraa Program (For all students)
قَرَأَ read- يَقْرَأُ reads- فهو: قَارِئ so he is: a reader
أَقْرَأَ taught recitation- يُقْرِئُ teaches recitation- فهو: مُقْرِئ so he is a teacher of recitation
This whole process is called: مَقْرَأَة. Maqraa
It is basically the live interaction between the student and the teacher and it is usually given to the halaqh (circle/class) of the Quran recitation.
Any sister (whether a new student or have been on board with Marjan) can apply for our Maqraa Courses.
How often is Maqraa offered?
Maqraa is a monthly course. Whereby, every month, we offer a sura to be recited in the Maqraa of Marjan. The number of sessions vary from one month to the other as it depends on the length of the sura.
Can anyone join Maqraa courses?
Yes, but first you have to take an assessment to determine your level and hence guide you to your respective group.
How to join Maqraa?
Every month, we offer a sura to be recited in the Maqraa of Marjan. The number of sessions vary from one month to the other as it depends on the length of the sura.
‼️ BEFORE joining Maqraa ‼️
If you are a new student, you should take a placement test to determine your level.
Steps of joining Maqraa:
📌First step: Attend the prerequisite course: Etiquettes of Seeking Knowledge (Obligatory before joining ⚠️).
✍️ Second step: Apply for Maqraa by filling the application form.
🗓 Last step: Choose your group as per the offered time slots.
🌐 Al hamdulillah teachers are offering a wide range of time slots.
What is 'Usoul Qiraat courses' ?
It is teaching the rules (Usoul) of a selected Riwayah/ Qiraa other than that of Imam Haffs. Each quarter, at Marjan, we choose a certain Riwayah/ Qiraa to be taught and have recitation classes to practice its corresponding rules of recitation.
Can anyone join Qiraat courses?
No, there are certain requirements for joining Qiraat as sisters applying for the course:
– Should have completed the study of tajweed rules of Imam Haffs
– Must take a placement test (advanced level questions)
Can Arabic speaking sisters join the courses at Marjan?
There are plenty of tajweed and quran related programs offered for Arabic speakers. At Marjan, since we have limited number of highly trained teachers who are specialized in teaching non-Arabic speakers, so we do not really encourage Arabic speaking sisters to take the limited available seats offered to the non-Arabic speaking sisters.
How to receive updates on marjan courses?
You can join our Telegram Channel