Mazlina Sanad

Sister Mazlina Sanad, also known as Sister Lina Sanad is a Malaysian from Klang, Selangor.  She is a wife and a mother of 5 children.

She obtained her Degree in Law [LL.B (Hons)]  from International Islamic University Malaysia, reading both Islamic Law and Civil Law. Then she pursued MBA (Finance) from University of Arkansas at Little Rock, USA. She was admitted to the Malaysian Bar Council as an Advocate and Solicitor in January 1997. With the combined knowledge of Law and Finance, Sister Lina has gained experience serving in managerial positions in the Corporate Finance field in a private firm and a regulatory body in Malaysia.

Her passion in pursuing Al-Quranic courses arises from her love of the Islamic Law subjects, particularly the Islamic Criminal Law, Islamic Family Law and the Islamic Law of Inheritance (Faraid). With her husband’s blessings, she pursued her studies and obtained Certification on Tajweed (Basic) from Selangor Islamic Religious Department, a regulatory authority. In her quest to obtain Teaching Al-Quran Certification from the aforesaid, in sha Allah, Sister Lina is pursuing her studies at the Selangor State Mosque in Malaysia in both Tajweed (Advanced) and Arabic Language, and also at the Nasyrul Quran Academy.

Sister Lina also attends the Teachers’ Training Program and has studied Qaida Noorania and Jazariyyah Poem under the guidance of Sister Samar Al Mawy, the founder of Marjan Institute. The programs were conducted in Malaysia, in collaboration with The Restu Foundation Malaysia.

Alhamdulillah, Sister Lina has completed khatma Al-Quran based on Riwayah Haffs an `Asim with Sheikh Abdullah Sobhi Marei.

Sister Lina teaches children, teenagers and adults in reciting Al-Quran on-site and via online. She also serves her community via her active involvement in Masjid Jamek Ar-Rahimiah (her local Masjid), as the Program Coordinator for several educational programs and programs to promote mosque events, giving the community multiple reasons to visit, engendering loyalty.

At Marjan Institute, Sister Lina participates as a recitation teacher for Maqraa Haffs and Sanaam programs. In addition, Sister Lina also volunteers herself as Marjan Program Admin, applying her past working and volunteering experience to serve Marjan with full dedication. Trusting the importance of teamwork, Sister Lina and other Marjan Program Admins ensure the implementation of the goals set by Marjan’s Management are done with efficacy in order to achieve the vision and mission of the Marjan Institute.

Other than the above,  Sister Lina is a cake decorating specialist. She owns a business i.e.  Lina’s Little Cottage, and receives orders for wedding cakes and sculpted cakes with special effects. Her works can be viewed at Instagram: linaslittlecottage and krazy_cake_lady.


Marjan Programs Admin’s Responsibilities:

  • Prepares registration forms for the courses offered on a monthly basis or term basis.
  • Ensures strict adherence to the standard operation procedure on placement of the students to the respective groups (based on their selection of time)
  • Answers all queries and provides exceptional customer service to teachers and students
  • Collates information from teachers for time selection offering and to be presented via Doodle
  • Drafts announcement and correspondence.
  • Sends instructions to the students on the next action to be taken via GMass or WhatsApp or Telegram
  • Attends meetings and host/co-host online meeting.
  • Liaises with Core Management to carry out job tasks.
  • Performs tracking on student attendance
  • Provides administrative input on the examination form
  • Ensures the release of examination results to the students based on the information provided by them.
  • Performs tracking on evaluation/feedbacks submitted by teachers and students.
  • Monitors the programs and ensures proper procedures are adhered to by the students
  • Solves problems associated with challenges met by students.
  • Handles event planning for meetings, professional development, and Marjan’s initiatives.
  • Updates the database on the students based on the inputs given by the teachers.
  • Keeps adverse records on students based on non-adherence to the Etiquettes of Seeking Knowledge
  • Prepares Certificates of Attendance for medium-term programs
  • Performs other related duties as assigned.