Fakeha Imran

Fakeha Imran is one of the teachers at Marjan. She is a Pakistani residing in Qatar where she obtained the ijaza for Qaida Noorania from Markz Maryam and Fatayat Al Mustaqbil. She also has an ijaza from Furqan centre in Jeddah and an ijaza in Muqadamah tul jazariya. She has previously taught Qaida in Fanar for 4 years and online in Azhar ul Jannah (Sirlankan-based Quran Academy) for 1 year. Her students were of different nationalities-mostly Philipino, Pakistani and Indian. She took a tajweed teacher training course with Sister Samar in Ahmed Bin Ali Markaz. She is currently memorizing Quran in Hafs and Shuba qira.