Dian Kartika

Sister Dian is Indonesian but currently living in Qatar. She is a Pharmacist who is passionate about studying and teaching everything that is related to the Quran. She has over 5 years experience of teaching Qaeeda Nooraniyah Soodiyah to 20-40 years old ladies, and about 2 years experience of teaching Tajweed Rules in Riwayah Hafs to 30-50 years old ladies, in English and Indonesian Language.

Regarding her qualifications, She has completed the full course of Tajweed Theory at Markaz Maryam Ibnata Imran, Qatar (2012 – 2017), and also took Arabic and Quranic Arabic Classes. She has completed the Tajweed Teacher Training Program at Marjaan (2019 – 2020) and took course of Usoul Riwayah Shubah and Waqf Ibtida Course. To improve her recitation, She is still attending a recitation class privately and  has been attending memorization classes, some at a center and some privately since 2013.