Ayesha Fatima

ُShe has a Diploma in Islamic Education from Al-Huda International in Pakistan. After moving to Qatar, she completed the Teacher’s Training Course for Tajweed at Sheikh Abdullah Bin Zaid Centre. Following this, she received Ijazah in Qaidah Nouraniyah (with 98%) and is working for Ijazah in Qiraat Biriwaya Kisaey and Hafs under Whion Youha Academy. In 2019, with Markaz Ahmed Bin Ali, she completed all levels of Tajweed Biriwaya Hafs. For Arabic Grammar, she benefited from several institutes, which include Bayyinah Institute, Marjan Programs, and Markaz Maryam Binte Imran in Doha. She also has experience of teaching Qur’an to students of different age groups and includes institutions such as Al-Huda (Qatar), Abdullah Bin Zaid Centre and at Marjan Programs.