Aneesa Fathima

Aneesa Fathima has recently joined us in an administrative capacity. Based in India, by education, she is an MBA but she started on her journey for her contribution to Islam 7 years ago. She commenced her journey by focusing on Tajweed and thereon branched out her learning into various other areas. She received her Ijazah in Jazariyah and when her passion for learning the Arabic language grew, she further pursued her study by completing courses from a reputed Madrassah and is currently enrolled in their Advanced Arabic course. She is also an Admin in various courses and uses her capabilities to guide students in choosing courses that best suits their needs, as well as providing guidance to them in choosing courses based on their current level and understanding.
She has taught in numerous online courses for Arabic language, focusing on Tajweed, Arabic Grammar and Arabic Conversation to students based in countries around the world, ranging from young girls for 15 years to women of 50 years of age.